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Jobs in Cambodia is the best ways to growth the economy of Cambodia

Cambodia is a country that has a lot of war that makes this country falling down especially between 1970 and 1979, all the Cambodian people are transmitted to the to the rice field to growth the rice. During 3 years, 8 months and 20 days. Cambodia jobs during 1970-1979 almost work to growth the rice. After that, some people have to leave the homeland and live in the other countries such as Vietnam, Thailand to evasion? from the civil war. Cambodian people almost 30% was dead in the war almost 4 years there, that make the economy of Cambodia are falling down as noticeable.

The most Cambodian people is pretty hard to find jobs in Cambodia, because there are have a lot of terrible situations, lots of guns lots of mines that hard to growth the rice and about the farms as well. Cambodia around 80% of Cambodian populations at the rural area works with the agriculture and farms by climbing the palm tree to make a palm sugar. The kind of Cambodia jobs at the rural area was really hard, but they have to put up with that job for their livelihoods. In 2016 at the rural areas about the jobs as a climb the palm trees for the palm sugar 2,500?/kg that before they sell the only 800?/kg that makes them the pretty low price that’s not equivalent worth and the workforce.
Around 2000, the economy of Cambodia was going well as noticeable, but the unemployment sector also still worried from the government, because so many students are graduated from the university they have no jobs and some of them go back to the homeland and work as farmers with their family. Also during 2000 in Cambodia, there are not so much grow of the technologies as well, that’s why not so much companies appear to work in Cambodia. The government of Cambodia is just preparing about the developing structures and no enough money to developing the country.

Cambodia jobs was rapidly fixed and make the teenagers of Cambodia after next few years that Cambodian government is promoting to the world about the how great we are and about the cultures, tourists and so many Heritage temples that attractions to the abroad and they comes to Cambodia to visit some places, make the business, help to Cambodian people, to grow the economy and offer jobs around Cambodia as well. 2010 to nowadays, in Cambodia, was a country that has experienced about the rapidly grow the economy, however, there are still have some problems that some people are living with less than $2(?????) a day that meant they find not enough money to live. In the past year of Cambodia especially in Phnom Penh that is a heart of the city that has so many people, many businesses appears at there and Cambodian people that live the other provinces or other city comes to Phnom Penh to study, makes the business, looking some works or anything else.

If we say about the jobs in Cambodia they will mention about the Phnom Penh city that has lots of jobs available and pretty much jobs offers at there. Human development of Cambodia is very important to developing the whole of the country especially at the countryside, that there has lots of poor people and unemployment people. At the other hand! Cambodia intensive to the agricultural sector almost 80%, so that’s why they must care about them. At the moment at the rural areas and at the another province being growth up of garment sector that help a lot to the Cambodian people to have jobs and have an appropriated of livelihoods. The apparent majority of developing country a human resource, first thing of developing they need a human being to think of how to help a group of people that need our help? In Cambodia about the teenagers, before they get the jobs they have to finish from the university or going to finish, depending on the company required, but the most of them are finished and find a job.

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